Labor Warranty

The labor warranty is 30 (thirty) days only. Labor warranty only apply to repair(s) and(or) service described on the invoice. All appliance repair warranty work honored 9 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday. No warranty work honored Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays.
Labor charge(s) is(are) not refundable. After repairs are completed in the home check the appliance(s) to see if it is operating to your satisfaction. If additional service is required after the technician has left the home and he must be “recalled” an additional labor charge will be made. After 5 days any other service required is considered a new service call.

Parts Warranty

Parts used in the repair of your appliance(s) are equal to or superior to the original parts in your appliance(s), these parts carry a normal 90 day warranty. If parts replaced fail during the appliance repair warranty period, they will be replaced without charge for the parts. Customer will pay for labor and handling costs incurred to replace such parts. Only parts listed on this invoice are covered by this warranty. If other parts breakdown due to use or age or for and other reason beyond our control they will be replaced and the regular price for material and labor rates will be charged. Clearing of clogged drains guaranteed for ten (10) days only. No guarantee on replacement of plastic or glass shelf support basket slides.

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